So Much Hate, & All In The Wrong Direction


Manson orchestrated mass murder under influence of the White Album. BAN MUSIC! Columbine linked to Stephen King novel. BAN BOOKS! David Berkowitz claims dog told him to commit murders. BAN DOGS! Over stressed individuals ‘go postal’ around the country. BAN THE MAIL SERVICE! Social networking sites connected with murders. BAN SOCIAL MEDIA SITES! Geez. How about we use common sense, here. If there were no Facebook, these things would go right on happening. You can shout about the evils of whatever lame excuses these sad people use. The fact is, some folk are just sick. Some folks are just evil. Some folks just suck. Facebook didn’t cause that. Neither did any of the other things listed here. Place blame where it belongs. On the people who instigate and commit crimes.


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