Terror Train (1980)

So you’re flipping channels, late at night. News…flip, flip…late show…flip, flip…cartoons…flip, flip…low budget horror flick. Just as your finger is inching towards the channel button, you see — wait for it — David Copperfield. WTF? Okay, just for curiosities sake, now you gotta watch. You’re hooked. Sit back and enjoy the indiscriminate slaughter of a motley collection of fairly unlikeable college kids by the requisite lunatic in ever changing masks & costumes. I must admit, it was novel to see Groucho Marx off a monk. It didn’t hurt that a scream-queen era Jamie Lee Curtis was the designated survivor. And then there was David Copperfield. Seriously, WTF? As a bonus, bear in mind that at least one dude looks like a lady. Much like Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.


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